Sustainability and more

We can endlessly get lost in the complexity of sustainable development, but the key to transformation is simplicity itself, buy good stuff and therefore buy less. Our stable bag will for instance last you a lifetime, pimp it up with a bag charm if you are in the need of something new. Making real change is also about value for money, good quality but affordable. What’s the point of a super expensive, but sustainable leather bag that very few can afford, it wont make any real difference.

We are pragmatic when we design, we only use colors on stock, fabrics that the factory already have, this saves resources. We choose the most environmentally friendly way to ship for that given time, it’s not always the same that is the best, it depends on the size and the weight and how far it has to be shipped. Sometimes flight is better than boat depending on the route of the boat, so you really have to be smart and flexible about it and we try our best to make the right choice.

All our garments come from environmentally ISO-certified suppliers. ISO 14001 is a globally recognized standard for an environmental management system. This standard defines the requirements for controlling and improving the organization’s environmental impact. The ISO 14001 standard recommends controls for those processes that have an environmental impact. E.g. Use of environment resources, environmental waste management & energy consumption. To understand what all the certifications mean are a bit like navigating in a djungle but production is a complex process and to target certain points in that process in an effective way you need to be precise.

The suppliers we use are certified with the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct. It is a commitment document for amfori members and their business partners to exercise human rights due diligence and environmental protection in their global supply chains in line with internationally recognized principles. The principles cover things as child labor, a safe working environment, codes against discrimination, decent working hours and so forth… Their values are based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights