We have been able to share so many talents and determined crews, it has made us both happy and frustrated, in other words, it has been really hard to choose! Here we present the first five, BUT in the fall we will expand the team so do not stop contacting us, we watch and read EVERYTHING. And other exciting forms of collaboration can also be relevant, become TikTok-er of the month, show our products on your own channels, hold giveaways or do you have an idea of your own?





PONNIES: Rubins Pride Myrra och Crugybar Flying Childers som jag rider Fei klasserna med💗 Det bästa med mina ponnysar är att dom alltid är snälla, arbetsvilliga och har sina egna små personligheter.

MIN FAVORIT PRODUKT:  Min favoritprodukt är era ridtights. Dom är stretchiga och har bra passform och hög kvalitet. 

LOPES MOTIVERING: Drömmiga dressyr ponnies & en framtida ryttarstjärna! -top notch!!





HÄST: Kendrick (Ken) Det bästa med Ken är att han alltid försöker sitt bästa och vill alltid göra rätt. Han har en stor personlighet som jag älskar. 

MIN FAVORIT PRODUKT: Min favorit hos Lope är ridbyxorna The Flow, de är som ett extra lager mot huden och sitter så bekvämt! 

LOPES MOTIVERING: Superhärliga Ida är ödmjuk inför livet med hästar, inför sporten. Klok och full av sprudlande energi. Det ska bli så kul att följa Ida med sin otroligt charmiga Ken

INSTAGRAM: @idalindemannphotography



PONNYSAR: Gorm & Daisy -två snygga fuxar.

FAVORIT PRODUKT: Alice testar just nu våra nya beiga FLOW tights & AIR toppen i vitt 😍

LOPES MOTIVERING:  Målmedveten, ödmjuk och ambitiös. Jobbar hårt med fokus på att hästarna ska må bra ❤️

INSTAGRAM: alicenyhus


Elvira Aaby-Ericsson

HORSES: Pickachu, The best thing about him is that he is so incredibly kind and gives such a wonderful feeling when you ride him. Riot, The best thing about him is that he always stands up for someone and is so willing to work. Sandie- the best thing about her is that she jumps so nicely and is super kind

MY FAVORITE PRODUCT: Of course the super beautiful sweaters and your stylish and stylish bags, the bags can hold everything and you can wear them everywhere such as at the stables, the beach, school, town etc. you exercise when you're just chilling at home and at school

LOPE'S MOTIVATION: Dedicated rider with clear goals, she takes on any challenge, and she's so cute!❤️

INSTAGRAM: eleviras


Frida Öjeblad

PONNY: My pony is called Cappucino Royale G the best thing about him is that he is so willing to work and even though he is a stallion he is so kind 🐴.

MY FAVORITE PRODUCT: It's The Posture Reminder, it helps me maintain a good posture throughout the riding session

LOPE'S MOTIVATION Frida with her sugary pony takes on the dressage courses and really shows what a coordinated team looks like.

INSTAGRAM: fridaojeblad


Ines Björnsson

HORSE: Commander is my 5-year-old big horse that I train and compete with! The best thing about Commander is his competitive instinct and how he stands up for me in every situation! Also his amazing mind, the feeling he gives in riding and wonderful personality!

MY FAVORITE PRODUCT: Right now my favorite products are LOPES water bottle and cap!

LOPE'S JUSTIFICATION: Ines charmed the socks off us when we met at the GBG fair. V strongly believes in this handsome crew!

INSTAGRAM: ines.bjornsson

rosa sport topp. snygg kortärmad t-shirt i funktionsmaterial för ryttare.feminin passform med rundat avslut och en mjuk smickrande siluett


Noomi Skobe Rosén

PONY/HORSE: Noomi has the b-pony Little miss Magic, the c-pony Dooneens Captain Classic, the big horse Girlfriend and of course the little mascot Luna. They all have hearts of gold and always have the attitude to fight and fight with me all the way "to the finish line"

LOPE'S FAVORITE Can't choose one...😍

LOPE'S JUSTIFICATION: Rising Star with the future for both his ponies and big horse. Then she is so very beautiful!

INSTAGRAM : noomi.skoberosen