Horse/Pony: Three current ponies and one big horse on entry

My best tip for reaching your goal: Achieving goals and dreams requires planning and commitment. With the right will on the part of the rider and a plan that gives the horse the right conditions, you will go a long way.

Goal 2024: A number of different goals goals for the different horses, among other things to start stable MsvB together with the D-pony Tom.

Favorite product from Lope: Beiga The Flow

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rosa sport topp. snygg kortärmad t-shirt i funktionsmaterial för ryttare.feminin passform med rundat avslut och en mjuk smickrande siluett


Noomi Skobe Rosén

PONY/HORSE: Noomi has the b-pony Little miss Magic, the c-pony Dooneens Captain Classic, the big horse Girlfriend and of course the little mascot Luna. They all have hearts of gold and always have the attitude to fight and fight with me all the way "to the finish line"

LOPE'S FAVORITE Can't choose one...😍

LOPE'S JUSTIFICATION: Rising Star with the future for both his ponies and big horse. Then she is so very beautiful!

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Sintija Elizabete Apsīte

Horses name: My own horses which i'm actively riding DollyV and Rhadamanthus and other clients horses :)

Best tip for reaching my goals: Do what makes your heart light up and surround yourself with positive and kind people.

My 2024 goals : To be the best rider I can be for my horses.- Keep educating my young horses.

Best Lope product: Winter hats for sure! Love them! They are super thick and warm, the fit and colors are very, very nice!

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Elvira Aaby-Ericsson

Horse/Ponny: Pickachu, Dandy, Riot, Amy, Prince, Sandie, Raiken and Papi, eight horses are at home with the Aaby-Ericsson family which is shared with little sister. Elvira currently rides Pickachu, Dandy, Amy, Riot and Prince. She is selected for the junior national team's B squad with the horse Picakchu.

My best tip for reaching your goal: Always have a plan and set goals, sometimes it doesn't work and sometimes it does, that's how it is.

Goal 2024: To participate in the NM or EC with his horse Pickachu. With the other horses, it is to gather routine at slightly higher altitudes.

Favorite product from Lope: I love Lope's breeches "the flow" and always made. Also the new model of the conscious ride socks!

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Mallow Ring

Pony : Honey Dew Lad, "HP"

My best tip for your goal: Stick to your plan, and to really believe that the goal can be achieved.

Goal 2024 : My goal in 2024 with my pony is to get steady rounds overall and good results at the upcoming SM.

Favorite product from Lope: A product I really like from Lope is their long-sleeved riding tops in all different colors. Precisely because the fit is absolutely perfect and the material is so comfortable. In addition, you can wear the riding top at any time, in the summer without getting too hot, but also as an undershirt in the winter. Absolutely perfect!

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June Skobe Rosén

Horses: Carpe Diem E (Daimen), Darthula VH (Sessan) and Netstutteriets Smirnoff (Smurf)

My best tip to reach your goal: have a plan and surround yourself with a team you enjoy, don't forget to have fun along the way.

Goal for 2024: I aim to have good results both in Sweden and internationally, it would have been fun to start some international championship.

My best Lope product:
My favorite Lope product is the Flow breeches, I've tried several different breeches from lots of brands but nothing beats these!

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Ines Björnsson

HORSE: Commander

Goal 2024: The goal for 2024 is to take Commander higher in the classes! After all the focus for the first 1.5 years was on introducing competitions without pressure. Looking forward to giving him the opportunity to show his capacity and what an incredible horse he is!

Ines' best tip for reaching your goal: My best tip for reaching your goal is to work hard, be humble about the task and take defeat as a lesson.

Ines' favorite product from Lope: I love all the LOPE products I have, so picking a favorite is difficult. But if I have to mention something, their FLOW breeches are really something out of the ordinary! They are by far the best breeches I have ever tried, can't see myself using anything else

INSTAGRAM: ines.bjornsson

svart dunväst i smidigt lätt & matt material. perfekt under ridning. vitt tryck på rygg och gummi logo front



Horse : Kendrick

My best tip for reaching your goal: Train mentally too! It is not enough to just train the horse - you also need to train.

Goals in 2024: My goal is to start competing a little higher than I do now.

My best Lope product: So hard! I use everything from Lope, but my absolute favorites are The Flow riding breeches (and riding socks).

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Enya Styffe

Horse: Fionn's Pride, but is called Fiona in everyday life.

My best tip for reaching your goal: take time, work hard for your goal and be determined!

Goal for 2024: Ride more internationally and a good placement at the SM.

My best Lope product: Oh, it's hard, can't choose a product! I like all the things that are available to buy at Lope😍

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