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a more fun & fashion equestrian sport

We are a new Swedish brand for everyone who (just like us!) feels at home in the stable. Honestly, we think the riding world needs a boost. More style, function, sustainability focus, comfort, color and fun. We start in Sweden but aim for the world with tights, tops, socks, boosters and bags with room for EVERYTHING. A long list without end! Everything must work just as well on the horse as it does at work, training, the ski track. With design close to the heart - and over 25 years in the design industry - we make riding gear Swedish, stylish and FUN!!


a blue rustling bag in the stable

Lope was born out of a question; why does everyone in the stable have their expensive riding gear in a (blue) ratty plastic bag? Is there no better alternative, we wondered. Suddenly our brains were at work creating THE CHAMPION BAG. A large tote bag with room for everything you need to take to the stable, in super-durable Cordura material that keeps moisture and dirt out - and with a PU-coated inside that can be easily wiped clean. But that was just the beginning. Now we have decided to continue designing more fun for equestrian sports.


calm, soft, dreamy

Lope (silent e) is a soft three-beat gait between trot and gallop. It is slow and done in perfect balance on a long rein. For us, the name is a tribute to freedom, a calmer pace in everyday life and a dream of one day riding across the expanses of Montana. We think that more people may need to both slow down and dream away. Lope is our universe to create, have fun and share with us to make life on horseback a nice break. Let's run!

Service, service, service

KISS & HUG customers!

In our customer service, we provide super-fast and personal advice, always with that little extra to make you more than satisfied. We simply think our customers are the best. We LOVE your wise questions and recommending products. The most fun we know is meeting you at fairs and events to hear what you like and miss about our gadgets. Hope to hear and see you!!



Hello! We are the ones who started and run Lope. We met 20 years ago when we both worked as designers at the agency AMORE. Since then we have trained, traveled, worked and been to riding camps together as often as we can. We probably call each other three times a day. We share an interest in design, fashion and interior design - and of course a love of horses and riding. (Ehhh yeah we spend an inordinate amount of time talking about horses and riding, but that's a parenthesis).

Sponsorship Director

Sarianne Segersten

Our fantastic colleague Sarianne can be found either in the stables, or at some equestrian competition where she helps her competing friends if she is not on horseback (and "tantrides" as she says). Sponsorship Director - this amazing title means she keeps track of all our collaborations, our great team riders and various competitions, but in practice she does so much more!



För Lopes del innebär det att Louis ser över den löpande verksamheten i form av siffror, samtidigt som han bidrar med finansiell strategi i syfte att ta bolaget till nya höjder. Finns det något roligare än att hålla koll på siffror? Frågar du Louis så är det i så fall bara umgänge med familjen eller träning. Han ser bra ut i keps och lever efter måttot "Din potensial är obegränsad"

"Care for your clothes like the good friends they are." — Joan Crawford

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we salute you!

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