Here's how to keep your white riding clothes white

To preserve the freshness and functionality of the white riding clothes, it is important to wash them correctly and treat stains effectively. Many riding clothes are made of functional materials that are light, breathable and moisture repellent, but sensitive to high temperatures and chemicals.. Here are some steps to keep your white riding clothes clean and remove stains:
1. Pre-treatment of stains:
If possible, treat the stains immediately. Gently wash off any stubborn dirt with a soft sponge or brush.
Apply a stain removal product adapted for functional materials or gall soap directly to the stain and work it in gently with a soft sponge or cloth. Let it sit for a few minutes to break down the stain.
2. Turn breeches inside out T before washing, and be sure to close any zippers before washing.
3. Wash your white riding clothes separately from other colored garments to avoid color transfer.
4. Choose the right detergent: Use a gentle white detergent designed for technical or functional materials. Avoid detergents with bleach, as this can cause yellow stains.
5. Choose the right washing temperature: Follow the washing instructions on your clothes. Many functional materials can withstand washing in cold or lukewarm water. Maximum 30 ° NEVER use fabric softener - it destroys the function of the garments and is a real environmental culprit!
6. Use a gentle wash cycle: Use a gentle wash cycle with a low spin to avoid excessive wear on the clothes.
7. Air drying: Avoid using the dryer, as the heat can damage the functional material and reduce its performance. Instead, hang your clothes on a drying rack or line and let them air dry. Do not hang them in a humid environment, they need to dry quickly, after which they can get an unpleasant smell
8. Avoid direct sunlight: Dry your white riding clothes in the shade or indoors to avoid fading from direct sunlight.
8. Check after washing: After washing, check your clothes carefully to see if the stains have disappeared. If the stain remains, repeat the treatment before drying the clothes.
By following these steps, you can help preserve the color and functionality of your white riding clothes while removing stubborn stains. It is important to be careful and use gentle methods to avoid damaging the technical properties of your clothes.